Florence gluten free Pecorino and Parmigiano Cheese Tasting

Florence gluten free Pecorino and Parmigiano Cheese Tasting

Our tour start at 10.00 am to 1.00 pm

Talking generically about cheese is extremely vague, so many varieties and differences are. There is a need for an accurate study, which takes into account the fundamental principles of tasting regarding visual, olfactory and taste examination.

Taste and buy cheeses at zero km, taste excellence in the province of Florence with our gluten free Pecorino and Parmigiano Cheese Tasting. We bring you to the discovery of the best Florentine cheeses that are then the excuse to know moving corners of the province.

Fidelity to the Italian artisan tradition as a guarantee of wholesomeness and taste has allowed the products to be selected among the 380 Italian excellences present on the market.

You will have the opportunity to taste prestigious cheeses, pecorino, parmesan and others, accompanied by and fruits that exalt the taste in the splendid Cultural frame of the Tuscan capital!

The pursuit of excellence, however, is more complicated. Florence does not have a dairy tradition equal to that of oenology, but in Mugello for example, it produces delicate but incredibly tasty cheeses.

During the tasting, which will take place in a typical locality located in the heart of the city, the expert sommelier gives a detailed explanation of the various flavors and its historical origins.

One of the secrets of the beautiful Tuscan culture of the city of Florence and our activity will always be respect for tradition and for the past, as well as the care for the customer.