Florence  Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting for coeliacs

Florence gluten free Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting

Our tour start at 10.00 am to 1.00 pm

The oil tasting is a true art and as such can not be improvised. You will have the possibility to taste the extra virgin olive oil directly where the oil is produced and, at the same time, to know and learn the methodologies and techniques of production.

Have you ever thought about how many things can serve olive oil? Besides being the preferred condiment by the Italians, who put it practically everywhere, it is an excellent tonic for hair; Perhaps the ladies do not know that olive oil can also be used as a remover or as a moisturizing skin cream.

The quality and the typicality of the oil are the result of the combination of various factors: the varietal base used, the particular Tuscan climatic environment, the ancient agronomic techniques and the secular tradition of the producers.

For centuries the olive trees are part of the deepest identity of Tuscany, giving an unperturbable calm to the places where they are cultivated, as well as their fruit has always been used to produce one of the excellences of Made in Tuscany: Extra virgin olive oil, True mine of taste that you will discover thanks to our Florence gluten free extra virgin olive oil tasting.

Extra virgin olive oil is a fundamental food for our food. It would be appropriate to combine an oil with each dish, but if we do not have the possibility, it is desirable to at least use oil from its own territory.

Behind every food product, there is a culture, a savoir faire that we Italians have been sending us for generations. Find out more about the Prince ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, the extra virgin olive oil.