Virtual cooking classes

interactive with 4 angle view!

Best online cooking classes fully interactive!

Bring the world of italian recipes right into your kitchen with "Chef Vary" from her kitchen in Florence. Join our PRIVATE LIVE interactive virtual cooking classes.
The virtual interactive cooking classes are so important to us that we have dedicated an entire website to them,
The world's leading international platform rated our business so interesting that we were their first provider in the world for virtual cooking classes, for this reason you can also buy our courses directly from their platform at no additional cost

The best online cooking classes?

 • Those made with the family because they create moments that last over time
• With friends to have fun even if each at home
• With whom he is distant, because it will be like having him in the same kitchen

All reservations are on request and tailored to your personal taste

We will connect with you though Zoom/Skype or alternatives in an online video conference, with simple tools that anyone can use.

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Virtual cooking class

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