Cooking Class With Dinner

gluten-free for who have coeliac disease

cooking is to create dishes that have flavors

Our ideal of cooking is to create dishes that have flavors, ideas and textures that will marry well, creating easy recipes, beautiful, colorful and good for everyone. It starts from a creative cue, to obtain a captivating appearance and genuine tastes, as well as unpublished!

We work with the primary intent to revive the good flavors of the kitchen, the rediscovery of the self and, above all, the sharing of the preparation of a dish, which can be pleasant for everyone. To eat in a healthy, tasty and colorful way, without having to renounce to flavors and beauty... In short to the joy of food!

Our dishes are prepared using genuine raw materials. Possibly bio and zero kilometer or short chain. All done strictly by hand, from fresh pasta to sweets and for leavening we use sourdough.

The extraordinary dexterity, the ability to harmonize the ingredients and a fantasy that combines tradition and innovation. The gluten-free kitchen will be the new frontier of Italian cuisine using always simplicity and taste. Celiac disease is not a limit, but invites the study and knowledge of food.

Making one's passion a profession is a dream they have in many. Chef Vary succeeded us.. His extraordinary passion for cooking is appreciated in every detail and in every bite!

The ingredients must be respected in their identity and transformed in a natural way, without forcing and aggressive cooking techniques, thus avoiding to distorting the natural combinations of taste, with great respect for the peculiarities of each food. We are waiting for you with our Florence gluten free and coeliac Cooking class with dinner!


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