Cooking Class With Lunch

gluten-free for who have coeliac disease 

Florence gluten free and coeliac Cooking Class With Lunch

You look for the recipe on the Internet, on books or in the kitchen magazines and you experiment but sometimes all this is not enough. Not only adults, but also children can go to cooking school.

We present you with our Florence gluten free and coeliac Cooking class with lunch real moments of culinary deepening to learn recipes based on genuine products of the territory and understand, under the expert guidance of the Chef Vary, the production processes and the nutritional properties of the ingredients

That compose it, discovering anecdotes and curiosities about the flavors and traditions of regional and national Italian culture.

The Chef Vary will make you taste first, second courses that you can enjoy in peace and quiet, in a warm atmosphere and in a family atmosphere.

You will discover secrets, hints and little tricks to prepare an authentic Italian meal with excellent results.

The lesson provides a practical experience in the kitchen and ends with lunch that includes the dishes you have cooked.

Our cuisine wants to be a combination of the flavors of our native land, always putting in the first place healthy, wholesome products that respect the territory and seasonality. We are always looking for new culinary experiences that can provide us with further elements to sharpen our cuisine more and more.

Simplicity and taste are the words of order inside our kitchen. Italian cuisine without gluten and tradition are the queens of the cookers.

Together with us you will not only be able to embark on a culinary experience completed by the right combination with the wine, but you can easily move in the kitchen with excellent results.

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